45-Year-Old Legacy. Cutting Edge Technology. Supremely Talented Doctors

The three defining values of the Yash Dental group of clinics. Dedicated full-time specialists will focus on making your dental care a memorable experience. No more being afraid of your trip to the doctor.

Don’t believe our words for it, see it yourself firsthand.

Meet Our Specialist

Take a look at our experienced veterans. Our family.

Dr. Yashwanth Kumar Venkataraman

Senior Dentist

Dr. Nilaya Reddy Venumbaka

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Anjali Anand

Senior Dentist

Dr. Deena Nancy


Dr. Abirami Nayaki Rao

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Mageshwari Mahadevan

General Dentist

Dr. Manasi Munot

General Dentist

Dr. Zeenath Ameetha Parveen

Senior Dentist

Dr. Phinlin Florida

General Dentist

Dr. Anju

General Dentist

Dr. Divya Ravichandran

General Dentist

Dr. Samu Fathima

General Dentist

Service Recipient Says

“Had multiple cavities and one tooth requiring root canal. All the procedures were done with patience and perfection, in multiple sittings.

Jaydeep Lohia

“My experience with Yesh dental has been very positive. Dr Yash spent time to explain the problem and offered multiple solutions.

Saji Mathew

“This is a fantastic location to visit for dental care. The crew was very professional, and each doctor prioritised their examinations and treatment recommendations.

Vignesh Senthil

The clinic is well structured with air-conditioning. The doctors, nurses, and the staff are extremely friendly and provide the best service.

Harish Baki

“Thank you to the team of doctors, who did an excellent job in tending to my dental needs at YASH dental.

Rumana Vivek