Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Phinlin Florida
Primary Specialty General Dentist
Experience 9+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education University of California, San Francisco
Residency San Francisco
Practice Areas Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Glioma
Certifications American Board of Neurological Surgery


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Service Recipient Says

“Had multiple cavities and one tooth requiring root canal. All the procedures were done with patience and perfection, in multiple sittings.

Jaydeep Lohia

“My experience with Yesh dental has been very positive. Dr Yash spent time to explain the problem and offered multiple solutions.

Saji Mathew

“This is a fantastic location to visit for dental care. The crew was very professional, and each doctor prioritised their examinations and treatment recommendations.

Vignesh Senthil

The clinic is well structured with air-conditioning. The doctors, nurses, and the staff are extremely friendly and provide the best service.

Harish Baki

“Thank you to the team of doctors, who did an excellent job in tending to my dental needs at YASH dental.

Rumana Vivek